Hakka Heritage

Dear Friends:

Above is a brand new poster advertising the Toronto Hakka Conference 2012. Neat graphics Keith et al. Thank you for managing to get Senator Vivienne Poy again to the Opening Ceremony, and Prof. Emeritus Dr. Shu Kong as keynote speaker.

I will be posting these pages on my FaceBook page as well, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002271443639&sk=wall in case you would like to be a friend. If you like my posting, please indicate so.

The Hakka people are a large group of Chinese people who fled in groups from central to southern China over hundreds of years. 46 of their fortified rammed earth all-in-one mini-cities, castles, mansions and villages, each 2 to 5.5 stories high with their central courtyards, are now designated a Unesco World Heritage Site. History Channel's educational video on these architectural marvels ("Tulous"), with Minoru and myself, will be featured on the first day of the conference. Minoru Ueda, Keith Lowe, XiaoYan Li and I, will be giving talks based on our visits, studies and ecotours in southern China, since 2007.

Our firm ASH Inc. was hired as consultant to History Channel USA to produce this video. It will be featured on opening day.

Marc Pichard of the Ottawa Hakka Association has also made a link to the conference at: http://www.maleko.org/hakka_home.html. Thank you Marc.

If you know of any company, group, association or government agency who would like to be a sponsor to help defray costs, please let Keith know.

Thank you Keith for all your arduous work and continued perseverance, personal sacrifices and long commitment. Thanks also for the entire Toronto team for putting this entire event together.