Hakka Heritage



Dear Hakka Friends:

Hakka friends have informed me that there will be a free Hakka Music Concert in Meizhou on August 25 (1). "The purpose of this Concert is to help musicians to "Communicate & Collaborate"  from Meizhou and Taiwan." Some of my friends are going. Maybe some of the musicians will remember and pay tribute to the rich tradition and unique village architecture in their music and lyrics, to celebrate the achievements  of the Hakka culture as found in tulous of Fujian (2), weilong of Guangdong (3), weiwu of Jiangxi (4), and in Taiwan (5)?


I hope that Hakka culture, and in particular their traditional and popular music, elegant pageantry, organic gardening, healthy food and well known festivals will regenerate and revitalize the most unique surviving Hakka villages for Global villagers of the 21st century, as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites are expanded into a Hakka BioSphere & Trail in southern China.


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