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re: Saturday March 19, 2011, Toronto: History Channel's Video on Tulous & PPT presentation

Dear Friends:

The first public viewing of History Channel's new series, History Made for Tomorrow, featuring the historical Hakka Tulous of southern China and our plans for an International Hakka RecoCity, BioSphere & Trail, in eastern Canada, will be held on Saturday March 19, in Toronto from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. If interested, please see the Tsung Tsin (Hakka) Association of Ontario at http://www.tsungtsinontario.ca/ for details.

In July 2008, at its annual meeting in Quebec City, UNESCO officially designated 46 Hakka Tulous (rammed earth apartment buildings) in Fujian province, as official UNESCO World Heritage sites in China. Although the most famous are the round tulous, we have also visited and studied oval, square, rectangular, pentagonal and octagonal tulous, built between 769-1962, as seen in some of our presentations in Canada and China. One courtyard building could house up to 800 related people of the same clan, together with their culture, ancestors, food supplies, animals, school and community events.

Our BioSphere plan hopes to link major Hakka tulou and weilong sites, along with outstanding local natural features that also need to be preserved, along an international trail connecting west Fujian, south Jiangxi and east Guangdong provinces, based on ideas first generated in my plans for the Toronto Waterfront (now called Harbourfront) in 1972-1973, and several years of study, research, writing and presentations on village architecture of the Hakka people.

For more information, please go to Eco Postcards, videos, PPT and proposals at this site.

The program will consists of:
1) History Channel's Hakka Tulou video 10:30-11:00 AM which introduces our project, 5 minute break
2) as a continuation, a slide presentation on Hakka Architectural Heritage, 11:00-11:30 AM
both will include a discussion of sustainable plans for a Hakka RecoCity & BioSphere demonstration project.

Anyone interested in Hakka village architecture, old Chinese EcoCity planning & architecture , or one of the largest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China, as seem from a sustainable point of view, is welcomed. There is very little written information on Hakka architecture  in books or on the internet.

Jorg Ostrowski, for