Hakka Heritage

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

On Thursday Oct. 28, with the assistance of the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, the ASH team met in Hongkeng Village, Hukeng Township, Yongding County, Fujian Province, with government officials and villagers to:

1) present History Channel's newly released History Channel video on Hakka Tulous featuring our work

2) inviting government officials to partner on our Hakka BioSphere, Trail and Recofit proposals

Officials expressed an interest in future cooperation.

Entry fees to this UNESCO World Heritage site of 46 Hakka Tulous were waived.

We also showed Mr. Lin, owner of the famous Zhencheng Lou ("Prince of Tulous", 1) the video, since it was featured several times.

This is our 4th visit to the region since 2007.

As mentioned in our meeting, our monitoring work in 4-story, 73-m diameter Chengqi Lou ("King of Tulous", 2), in Gaobei hamlet in Gaotou Village, will continue for several more years. It was built from 1627 to 1709.

We stayed again in Fuyu Lou, a 5-Phoenix Mansion built in 1880 (3). This time we experienced a grand Hakka cultural event of music and fireworks and a Hakka wedding in all its pageantry. This is a wonderful tulou in which to stay. Steven has been great to work with over the years

Thanks for reading this Blog.



1) Zhencheng Lou: the design of the 1912 4-story (16 m) tolou with ~180 rooms is based on the Chinese 8 Trigrams (Feng Shui), separated by firewalls. The building is of traditional design, but western architecture is clearly visible in the Ancestral Hall. It has 2 rings of buildings in its courtyard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujian_Tulou 

2) Chenqi Lou: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujian_Tulou 

3) Fuyu Lou: http://www.fuyulou.net