Hakka Heritage

Dear Friends & colleagues:

On Wednesday October 27, the ASH team met with Prof. Fang, staff and students of the Hakka Research Institute (HRI) at Jiaying University in Meizhou, Guangdong Province to:

1) show History Channel's newly released video on Hakka Tulous (see last Blog on Beijing news conference). ASH was hired as consultant to AETN for its expertise on Hakka Tulous, green buildings and sustainable development, and for its proposed plans for southern China, which formed the basis of the video

2) discuss our proposed international Hakka BioSphere, Trail & RecoFit demonstration project

3) discuss cooperation with the HRI as a partner in this project

4) view more Hakka buildings 

 The results of our meeting were: 

a) HRI will cooperate and wants to be a partner in the above project

b) toured 2 more Weilong in Meizhou to increase our inventory of Hakka buildings toured in southern China 

 Photos of our meetings and tours will be added to our web site in the coming months.

Thank you for your interest.